Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Titan #1

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Titan, Part 1 on Study Group Comic Books is a sci-fi tale of the colonization of one of Saturn's moons by a large, genetically engineered race of humans who can't go to Earth because they're designed to live on the lower gravity of the asteroids, planetoids, and moons.  They are called titans, and the moon they work on is Titan.  Mngr Joao da Silva comes to inspect the moon-based operation, but he carries a deadly secret.  The nearly 50,000 titans living and working on Titan may be out of a job.

The story and art are by Francois Vigneault, who has a Patreon account where you can pledge money to him on a monthly basis.  Patreon is a neat way to fund the arts and artists you love.  You simply select your giving level - from $1 to $10 a month or more - and enter a credit card.  I'm interested in this because my main gig (aside from the millions of dollars I make writing these reviews) is fundraising for nonprofits.  Patreon is geared more toward art-based fundraising, and right now, I'm not working with anyone in that field.

You can read the comic itself on, in part, and on that page, you can find links to buy this comic in its complete form.  The artwork is bichromatic, in black ink with orange tones, and the lettering is crisp, consistent, and legible.  I love independent comics, and Titan is one of the reasons why.  It has a lot of parallels with a novel series I've been working on.

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