Monday, September 19, 2016

Titan #2

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Titan, Issue #2 continues the story of Mngr Joao and Wrkr Phoebe.  They're an interesting pair.  She's nine feet tall, and he's normal height.  Some of the titans are 12 feet tall.  Phoebe is a former mixer, short for "mixed martial arts," I presume.  Joao comes from a strict family in Brazil.  He's on the moon of Titan to make sure that the moon base doesn't get shut down.  To do that, he has to bring about changes, changes that the Wrkrs aren't going to be too keen on.  In addition to the 50,000 titans on Titan, there are almost 600 humans, mostly working security.

The titans aren't slaves, per se.  In some ways, their situation is worse.  They can't leave Titan without a job on one of the other low-gravity moons, asteroids and dwarf planets in the solar system.  They can't go to Earth, or they'd die in the harsher gravity.  They need those jobs, and if Joao doesn't restructure the workers, they'll possibly even face starvation.

I have Issue #3, but I decided to review the two separately.  Some titles run together a little more easily.  Titan only comes out once a year on Study Group Comics.  The artwork is bichromatic, but black and blue this time, with a full-color cover.  I love Phoebe.  She has freckles.  When do you ever see a comic character with freckles?  There are plenty of us out there, you know.  Anyway, thanks to Francois Vigneault for creating such a wonderful comic; I'll continue to read.

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