Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 Devils #4

3 Devils, Issue #4 reintroduces the bounty killer from Issue #3.  His bounty this time?  Marcus and Tara, who are on the run.  They have come across a traveling circus of sorts, where they rescue a wolf-boy being kept in the circus under horrific conditions.  It's a nice combination of a one-off story and the furtherance of the overall story.  Oliver, the wolf-boy, seems to have become a permanent fixture in this series.

I'm hoping this series will run to at least 12 issues, maybe more.  Now that the 100+issue run of Gray/Palmotti's Jonah Hex is at an end, there aren't many Western comics out there that I can think of.  What makes the supernatural element of the comic interesting is that the monsters are straight out of the 19th century.  The main antagonist is a vampire, there's a werewolf, and Marcus is a Caribbean-styled zombie of sorts.  While I do like Tara and the gang, there's no one with the personality of Jonah Hex, but that's a character that's been around for four decades.  Who knows, maybe Marcus, Oliver, and Tara will be around for that long.

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