Saturday, July 2, 2016

Drawn Onward

Drawn Onward is another 2015 comic from Retrofit I bought yesterday.  Like Ikebana, it runs for around $5.  Again, visit or for more information about purchasing it,  It starts out with a framing device of a woman drawing a comic as a "double suicide note," putting down her thoughts frenetically and instantly regretting it.  What follows is the comic itself.  The framing device uses thin lines like Herge, while the comic is made up of thick lines, almost as if it were drawn in miniature and then expanded.  The narration is in cursive, and the dialogue conventionally lettered.

What's interesting about the comic in Drawn Onward is that it reads the same forward as backward, only from a different point of view.  The framing device is the only difference, giving the woman's point of view throughout the story.  This is the type of comic that really gets me going artistically.  It makes me want to work on one of my many unfinished novels or edit one of the ones I've finished.  Matt Madden's art is serious and thought provoking.  In a word, it's haunting.

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