Thursday, July 7, 2016

Daredevil/The Punisher #2

Daredevil/The Punisher, Issue #2 starts off with Daredevil stunned after an explosion.  At the same time, the Punisher is about to execute a Antonov when Blindspot, Daredevil's ally, comes in to stop him.  Daredevil has to fight off two bad guys before he can aid Blindspot, who's clearly outmatched.  Antonov is a gangster who orchestrated a mass poisoning to kill one of his rivals.  Daredevil and Blindspot want him prosecuted; the Punisher wants him dead.

This is a particularly gritty series, although by having dispensable antagonists, it takes away from some of the drama.  This turns the drama inward, bringing up ethical questions that Daredevil has to answer.  To wit, he finds himself about to kill Antonov halfway into the comic.  He doesn't because he's the good guy, but you can see a hint of what's coming up in future issues.  The question is whether or not the Punisher's way of dispensing justice will influence Daredevil's own.  It's black, white, and gray.  Blindspot's role in this comic is to serve as the ultimate do-gooder, while the Punisher is the ultimate vigilante.  Daredevil wants to be like Blindspot, but he's finding himself more and more like the Punisher.

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