Sunday, July 10, 2016

Empress #4

Empress, Issue #4 starts off with the Empress, Dane, and the rest still marooned on a dusty junk world.  They can't leave because their ship has to be able to "see" outward, and the dust is preventing it from teleporting them to another planet, at least temporarily.  The adults get separated from the children when Red Cobb and Sailor Jank, a scrap family, capture all of them.  In this sparsely dialogued and beautifully drawn issue, the adults escape temporarily, although they find themselves in more danger, and they don't know where the children are.

The artwork by Stuart Immodnen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Ive Svorcina is nothing but stunning, as I've mentioned in my reviews of Issue #1 through Issue #3.  Every time a new issue comes out, I can only fawn over it.  I'm guessing that the first arc has only an issue or two left before the second arc begins.  The second arc, I think, will be about what happens when the Empress is reunited with her sister.  Also, the end of the galactic empire must be coming to a close because the empire's seat is on Earth, and the Earth (65 million years ago) is about to be hit by a giant asteroid.

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