Friday, July 22, 2016

Elf Cat in Love

Elf Cat in Love is my Retrofit Comic of the day.  It's the story of Elf Cat, a bipedal talking cat with a conical hat and a magic tennis ball that floats and talks.  No really, I'm reading this.  Elf Cat is accosted by a besmitten, giant snow princess; he fights with a dragon; and he finds the source of the wind.  Like the other Retrofit titles, it's fairly short, 15 minutes or so of your time.  Maybe I'm easily amused, but I was laughing for real during Chapter Three.

So, what do we call Elf Cat in Love?  Post-Absurdist?  Magical Surrealism?  The lettering and general layout of the book reminds me a little of Chester Brown, with obvious nods to Daniel Clowes and Jeff Smith.  If you want an idea of what his art is like, get a ComiXology Unlimited account and peruse James Kochalka's Little Paintings, which is 300 or so small paintings arranged six per page.  Of course, Kochalka's Elf Cat in Love is much different (in black-and-white instead of color, for one), but you get the general idea of what he does.

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