Wednesday, July 13, 2016

She Wolf #1

She Wolf, Spell Number One is a dream-like werewolf story.  Gabrielle Cullen is attacked by her boyfriend, Brian, who has turned into a wolf.  The police track him down and shoot him because he's been running the streets, causing problems (#WLM), despite the fact that she tells them not to.  She's blamed for the death by the boy's family, who try to get her removed from the local high school.

I like the Little Red Riding Hood reference on pages 7 through 13, with the Big Bad Wolf eating the grandmother while telling Gabby, "you're next."  There's also a reference to a kid's game on pages 14 and 15 where you say, "Bloody Mary," three times into a mirror, and a ghost will appear.  I also like how she receives counselling sessions from a priest.  There are a number of themes.  Gabby dresses in black with a pentagram necklace, but this is only a fashion; I remember doing the same back in the 1980s, with the upside-down cross earring and the attitude.

There's quite a bit I like about this comic.  It's raw; it doesn't look like so many other comics.  In particular, the bathing of the yellow moonlight on the characters on pages 3 through 7.  Also on page 7, there's a shift from the murder at night to the quotidian routine at the school, perhaps the next day.  The Sun is the same color as the Moon on this page.  Recommended.

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