Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mockingbird #4


Mockingbird, Issue #4 takes place initially in Kazakhstan, where hundreds of thousands of Saiga antelopes have died off due to a mysterious bacteria.  Agent 19 finds out that it's the same pathogen that's in her system, only she isn't dead.  A week later, she is in a tropical paradise, saving her ex-husband, the esteemed Clint Barton.  He's about to be vivisected by a group of terrorists in aquatic suits.

Issue #4 has the same twisted humor of Issues #1 through #3.  The creators are more interested in developing Mockingbird's character than developing the story of her medical treatment, which is fine, reminiscent of The X-Files, giving off little clues as to the actual story here and there before the big finale, which is scheduled to be Issue #5, I'm guessing.  At the end of this issue, she talks about having a doctor's appointment.

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