Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Descender #13

Descender, Issue #13 focuses on Captain Tellsa, who is in charge of bringing in Dr. Quon and Tim-21.  She's one of the main characters bundled together with Tim-21 on the Machine Moon at the present, and she's the daughter of General Nagoki, the head of the UGC.  Starting with her childhood, 10 years earlier, at the time of the attack of the Harvesters, it moves into her young adulthood, when she is determined to join the UGC military, so determined that she is ready to change her identity.

At the end of the issue, the narration returns to the current story, which changes dramatically, but the bulk of the issue is dedicated to Telsa (don't spell it T-E-S-L-A!), and it's a good one.  She is a unique character, with her fiery red hair and her black eyes.  I love this issue because it humanizes Telsa, who had previously been a very unsympathetic character.

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