Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Spider-Man/Deadpool #7

Spider-Man/Deadpool, Issue #7 is styled as a shelved issue of Amazing Spider-Man from 1968 that hasn't seen the light of day until now.  It starts out with millionaire Edwin Bagge tormenting Jameson about the Daily Bugle headline that reads, "Convention Chaos?" saying, "I want the lazy youth of this country pacified until they can go be heroes in Vietnam!"  Okay, so I was hooked from page 1.  By page 4, I started to suspect that this couldn't have been written in 1968, and it wasn't.

Cheers to the deception, though.  The artwork and layout are a little too distressed, and that was a big giveaway.  Still, it's a wonderful comic and not one you'd do well to miss.  If you plan on buying the trade paperbacks, make sure that Issue #7 is included in one of them or else go out and buy this issue; it's a real gem.

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