Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nisekoi, Vol. 16

Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 16 is pretty much the same as the previous volumes.  Most of the chapters are self-contained with short stories about the various characters, with two exceptions.  The "Look Alike" story runs for three or four chapters, detailing the story of a princess who looks exactly like Chitoge.  The princess desperately wants to see Japan on her own, so she and Chitoge switch clothes and exchange places.  Also, there's a one-chapter story that ends the volume in a cliffhanger.

Not much has changed in the manga since the introduction of Yui, the older childhood friend who, like most of the other female characters who appear in the series, is in love with Raku Ichigo.  One side effect of the ever-broadening cast of Raku's harem is that we no longer see every character featured in every tankoban volume.  And because this is an ongoing series, we don't see the plot develop much, either.  For all the talk about Yui joining the cast, a lot of her potential lays untapped, and although, yes, I did read this story the day it came out, I do not know how much longer the story can be sustained without something happening.

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