Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weavers #1

Weavers, Issue #1 (of Six) asks the question: what happens when the people who get the super powers use those powers for evil?  The Weavers are a street gang that have the powers of spiders.  Sid Thyme is the newboy in the gang.  He doesn't know how to use his powers, and he's unsure of himself.  The rest of the gang is unsure of him.  When one Weaver dies, another one gets made, so Sid is put in the place of one of their best members.  So, what's the twist?  Is Sid a cop?  Who killed the boss's sister?

This title has presence, atmosphere.  It's scary.  I picked up Five Nights at Freddy's IV off Steam for $2.71 (the sale ends July 15, 2016).  It's not a great game, but it's got a lot of the same feeling to it.  It awakens visceral emotions of fear and dread.  You look around the room with the flashlight, knowing something's going to jump out at you, but you just can't stop.

I bought the title because of Simon Spurrier; Cry Havoc is a great limited series that just ended with Image Comics.  Weavers is published by Boom! Studios, and I have to say that the major independent labels of IDW, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, and Image are putting out top title after top title.  I pull out the occasional Marvel or DC title from time to time, but what Marvel is doing more than DC is co-opting the independent artists and allowing them to build their own work without overly heavy editing and direction.

Weavers shows that some of the better comic creators are still active in the independent comic world.  The illustrations by Dylan Burnett are of course a highlight, but I love how detailed the coloring by Triona Farrell is.  The red and blue-green used on the cover work very well together, as do the various color schemes throughout the issue.  Finally, the lettering is good.  I tend to like a lot of bolds and italics used withn the dialogue to engender emotion and stress on certain words, especially when there's a middling amount of dialogue.  When everyone's talking, seeing bold and italic font everywhere just makes it hard to read.

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