Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Spider-Man #6

Spider-Man, Issue #6 begins with Miles Morales (Spider-Man) talking with Fabio Medina (the mutant Gold Balls), while a private investigator (Jessica Jones) watches.  The first half of the comic is about more prosaic activities: getting Gold Balls to fit in as their roommate, Miles's father convincing Miles's mother to convince Miles's grandmother to call off the investigator, Ganke trying to avoid the "friend zone."  Then Tony Stark (Iron Man) calls, and Miles Morales is Spider-Man, the Avenger, once again.  Civil War II is happening.  

I've avoided the Civil War II titles, mostly because I didn't exactly love the original Civil War.  Sure, I read quite a bit of it while hanging out with my nephews, but it wasn't special.  In fact, I didn't know what Civil War II was about until I read this comic, and I have to say I'm moderately intrigued.  Aw, shit.  I guess I will read through the Spider-Man telling of the events, along with the telling of the events through the eyes of Ms. Marvel in her comic.  

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