Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hyperion #5

Hyperion, Issue #5 starts a new arc.  Hyperion and Doll have destroyed/freed the power behind the Dark Carnival, and now they're on their own, riding the open roads on a new 18-wheeler.  Their first ordeal?  Speed dating.  And as the cover points out, Hyperion is somewhat successful in his new round of high-jinx, meeting a fellow super-being called Thundra, from Squadron Supreme.  She has news, that someone or something survived the Carnival.

I love the ending of this comic, with a third super-being shows up at Doll's hotel room.  I wasn't sure which Earth this series takes place in, but I'm guessing Earth-616?  (Yes, I am turning into a Marvel nerd.)  That means that it's kind of funny that Doll went looking for Hyperion on the open roads when there were so many other super heroes about.  Maybe there's something specific about Hyperion, something that she needed at the time.

This comic is done by a really good team.  Chuck Wendig I mentioned yesterday, in my review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Issue #2, but the artwork of Ario Anindito and colorist Romulo Fajardo (born in Indonesia and the Philippines, respectively) is a highlight.  I guess I like Hyperion because it's plain, good fun, starring a character I'm not that familiar with, but one that I instantly identified with.

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