Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dumb #1+2

Dumb #1 & 2 by georgia webber

Dumb #1+2 is a two-issue publication I got with my Retrofit Comics subscription, and it deals with vocal injury.  In addition to the comics by Georgia Webber, there's a prose introduction to each issue by a different author on a variety of subjects relating to voice.  Issue #1 has a piece about keeping one's voice in good working order, and Issue #2 starts with a bit about black metal vocals.  The rest is the story of how Webber lost her voice due to injury, and how she deals with it.  The story is continued in Issue #3 through Issue #8 or so, the last three of which are forthcoming.

I used to be a piano teacher.  My credential is in math and music, and I have a rhetoric and writing background, so I tutor a lot of subjects.  At one point, I tried to make a go of it as a piano teacher, getting about 10 students in addition to the 20 or so math and English students I had.  Teaching music puts an incredible strain on the voice because you're always singing the parts you want your student to play, often in the falsetto range.  Long story short, I found myself injured and had to give up the dream.  10 years earlier, I had a throat infection that caused some damage, and that played a part.  I love singing, but I had to give that up about a year ago, although this weekend, a friend asked me if I'd teach her son the keyboards.  I said, "yes."

You can buy Issue #1 through Issue #5 and pre-order Issue #6 through Issue #8 here for $10 per issue in print or $2 per issue in PDF. Or, you can buy Issue #1+2 here for $8 in print or $4 in PDF.  For $75 at the second website, you can buy the entire 2015 Retrofit catalog in print.

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