Sunday, July 10, 2016

East of West #27

East of West, Issue #27 continues the meeting of the Chosen, and the gathering of an army of believers.  Antonia, the President of the Union, objects that such a ramshackle group of the poor and unwashed would make up the army of End Times, but Ezra Orion has taken control of the Chosen, and demands subservience.  Reading about the meeting of the Chosen is a lot like watching a "contract signing" on a wrestling show.  You know they're going to fight.

This issue is downright terrifying.  The hordes of Dionysian warriors trying to wipe out the Chosen, characters that mean nothing trying to destroy all the great characters of this series: it is horrifying.  It's not really what I expected, of course.  I expected the Chosen to destroy each other, as they have been threatening and even trying to do for the past 26 issues.  I just wonder who is going to survive Issue #28.

A fellow comics reader asked me what makes good lettering, and I pulled out this comic without thinking.  Rus Wooton is my favorite letterer, and this issue illustrates why.  He uses upper/lowercase printing, reminiscent of a nice sans-serif font, with italics, bolds, and different sizes of texts to construe the emotions of the speakers.  More importantly, Wooton makes a dialogue-heavy comic easy on the eye, readable, and that's what it's all about.

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