Monday, July 18, 2016

Old Man Logan #8

Old Man Logan, Issue #8 begins with a teaser of the Villains Uprising in Old Man Logan's universe before returning to X-Haven, away from where the Wolverine of the Marvel universe (Earth-616) is interred in adamantium and away from the child who would maybe become his wife in another universe.  At X-Haven, he is visited by Jean Grey, who helps him make it through another rough night.  What she and he do is the basic story of this one-shot issue.

I particularly like the cover of this issue by Sorrentino and Maiolo, which is reminiscent of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, only it's in the universe where Old Man Logan is from.  He basically does kill the Marvel universe because Mysterio and the others used some sort of mind control or persuasion to get him to kill all the X-Men.  The cover is a nice homage to those stories.

The next story is called, "The Fall of Japan," and I'm excited about it.  Issue #8 is a transitional story between Old Man Logan as a loner roaming around, getting into fights, and Old Man Logan as the X-Men member, Wolverine again.  What makes this series good is the way Old Man Logan's character changes through the various arcs.  In just eight issues, he's gone from being a quiet farmer to a avenging demon to a lonely Canadian to an X-Men member.

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